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Quick Break Pool
Come and play Quick Break Pool. The best 8 ball pool game in the world!

8 ball pool. Single player, multiplayer and feature packed. Choose from a wide selection of single player games, or challenge your friends with super-fast wifi multiplayer. Completely free, access the whole game. No coins required!

Stunning 3D or traditional top-down views. Switch instantaneously during play. It's up to you, it's your game!

Some of Quick Break Pool's great features:

Single Player

- Challenge the AI - 30 devious levels of cunning artificial intelligence!

- Perfection - Pot the balls without making mistakes. 100 tailor made challenging levels for you to overcome!

- PotMaster - Pot all of the balls before the time runs out. Try to avoid mistakes as they incur a time penalty!

- Survivor - Pot balls to maintain energy. Run out of energy within two minutes and it's game over for you!

- Panic - Pot each individual ball within a very short time limit. The clock is ticking, the pressure is definitely on!

- Practice Modes - Sharpen up your pool skills with our wide range of practice modes. Carefully formulated to help you gain the experience you need to be a winner!

  - Potting
  - Doubles
  - Cannons
  - White Positioning
  - Colour Positioning

- Virtual Table - A completely open and editable table just like a personal pool table in your pocket. Place balls, remove balls and play the table at will. Can be used for the following and more:

  - Shot practice
  - Improving technique
  - Custom pool games with your friends without limits or rules
  - Testing setups and scenarios
  - Just messing around!
  - Save and load virtual setups for you to use at any time


- Pass and Play - Use a single device to have a great game of pool with your friends!

- Wifi - If your friends also have Quick Break Pool, you can use our super fast, reliable Wifi mode for fantastic multiplayer 8 ball pool fun!

Other Amazing Features!

- Tutorial - Completely interactive, learn the controls to be a winner!

- Achievements - A whole host of achievements for you to attain and collect. Unlock them all and take the game to the next level!

- Statistics - Check how you are doing. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and become the best pool player you can!
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